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Limited Liability Partnership as a Hybrid Business Organization

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Advantages and Disadvantages of being in a Partnership Essay Sample

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A limited partnership is a form of business that ensures that an investor has limited personal liability, and further enhances the ability to raise capital for the growth of the business.

As compared to sole proprietorship that has the business owner bearing the entire liability, a limited partnership provides that the partner only bears a portion of the liability. The limited liability partnership; A hybrid of two different forms of business organizations – the partnership and the company.

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was introduced as a new business entity in Singapore in A partnership business is a relationship which subsists between people carrying on a business with the same or common view of making profits; the relationship amongst members of any association or company that is registered by the act of parliament or under the Companies Act Advantages of partnerships.

Essay on Partnership: Definition, Features, Advantages and Limitations

An advantage of a partnership compared to a limited company is that you can set up a partnership with any starting capital. With limited companies at least £50, is needed.

Globally, a partnership means less bureaucracy and a more flexible structure. A partnership is a legal business structure, which is owned and operated by two to twenty people with the aim of making a profit. Partnerships have a variety of advantages and disadvantages as a .

Limited partnership in business essay
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Business/Partnerships term paper