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Raymond Carver

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He contributed to the revitalization of the American short story during the s. 1 Cathedral By Raymond Carver () This blind man, an old friend of my wife’s, he was on his way to spend the night. His wife had died. So he was visiting the dead wife’s.

Nov 22,  · Raymond Carver Credit young, endlessly drunk, trying to support a wife and two children, writing at night, hoping for a break. The boy is struck by a car on his way home from school. Asim Craft Essay #2 Raymond Carver’s short story, “Cathedral,” portrays a story in which many in today’s society can relate.

We are introduced from the first sentence of the story to a man that seems to be perturbed and agitated/5(1).

Raymond Carver Cathedral

Raymond Carver Michael Tache English April 28, Raymond Clevie Carver, Jr. was born on May 25, and died on August 2, Carver was an American short story writer and poet. Carver is considered a major American writer of the late 20th century and also a major force in the revitalization of the short story in the s.

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